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Adventures of the Vile Voldemort & Woeful Wormtail's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Adventures of the Vile Voldemort & Woeful Wormtail

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Part Two - Wormtail's Anguish! [18 Sep 2005|10:37pm]

[ mood | bored ]

The Adventures of the vile Voldemort  and woeful Wormtail:

Episode 1 - Part two: Wormtail's anguish

Wormtail: *sighs* Get Harry Potter. Kill Harry Potter - well stuff him! It's all I ever hear... It's obvious why The Voldemeister wants him... (Breaks down into horrible squeaking sobs) He likes Harry and n - not me! Who listens to him when he his ideas are so absolutely insane? Who fed him when he was the resemblance of a deranged baby?
Who... who... who rubbed his back when he broke down after failing to kill him at the Graveyard??
ME! ALL ME!! And for what? To have it all thrown in my face!!
(As Wormtail breaks down for the 100th time why his Voldie treats him so, other things are happening elsewhere...)


Actually nothing is happening elsewhere.. create's a cool dramatic effect though, doesn't it?? ^^;

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Episode 1 [15 Sep 2005|01:49am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The Adventures of the vile Voldemort and woeful Wormtail

Episode 1:

Voldemort: *Sighs* I'm bored.
Wormtail: So?
Voldemort: *becomes angry* Make me unbored then!
Wormtail: *sigh* If I must. (Taps his wand on his feet. He starts doing the chicken dance)
Voldemort: Good! Good! Now try the hokey pokey! I love that one... You put your right hand in, you take your right hand out, and you shake it all about... (Voldemort shakes his rump which wobbles from lack of exercise)
Wormtail: *shudders* Oh dear God, no! Not that! Anthing but that!
Voldemort: (Stops, his face turns alarmingly red - almost as red as his eyes) How dare you make fun of my dancing!
Wormtail: *squeaks* N - no, Sire! I was making fun of your rump - not the dancing!
Wormtail: *sobs* I - I'm so sorry, my powerful and sexy Lord. I didn't mean to offend you.
Voldemort: What did you say?
Wormtail: *confused* Er...?
Voldemort: You said SEXY!
Wormtail: *shocked* I did too! Er, I mean, no I didn't!
Voldemort: Did too! Heard you, I did!
Wormtail: Did not!
Voldemort: Too!
Wormtail: Not, not, not, not, NOT!
Voldemort: (His eyes gleam and a red power shines around him) *He yells* And I tell you, you DID!!
Wortmail: *whispers* I couldn't help myself, Sire. *drools* Seeing your buttocks swing to and fro like that, and little me sooo close... (He begins to get sweaty)
Voldemort: (Furiously appalled and very alarmed) Oh that is gross, you little gay pervert!
Wortmail: But I tho - thought you.... you being surrounded bu mostly male servents and no evil mistresses... and you favouring lil' ol' me...
Voldemort: Bloody Fairies!! I hate fairies!
Wormtail: Er, where did that come from?
Voldemort: Fairies means gayboes you lil' disgusting vermin! Keep up with the times, will you? And I am NOT gay! I hate that as much as I hate wizards!
Wormtail: *gasp* Wizards?!
Voldemort: Er... Muggles... Yeah that's it. Muggles... Oh sod off you lil' creep. Get me Potter and I shall firgive you!


So, did you like it? I created this during a rather boring Contemporary Arts lecture at Uni half way through the year..

Read, enjoy and comment, please. ^_^


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Welcome, my lovely minions! [15 Sep 2005|01:13am]


Hello there!

You have stumbled your way onto community based upon a parody fanfic of mine, The Adventures of the Vile Voldemort and Woeful Wormtail.

Of course, it is Harry Potter fanfiction, and it is a rip-off of slash, Voldemort, Wormtail, and other things that come to mind.

 Just so you know, my actual live journal account is kewlausgirl, and through that I will be posting episodes.

Now there are a few rules that I expect you to follow:

1. No constant abuse, swearing or so on, UNLESS it is in the light of humour! ^_^

2. No continuing my story on here. You may however write your own version and send it to me, so that I can approve of what you have written, but you are to post it as your own version. So, I guess that would be a fanfic of a fanfic! XD

3. You are allowed to post your own fanfiction, only if I approve.

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoy my stories, and I look forward to your comments!


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